Hill Top Sunset

Tiger Cave Temple – Krabi, Thailand

Lemongrass Black Pork Belly

Home cooked – You will never missed it! Black Soy Sauce Pork belly. Heat oil, fry the pork belly with chopped lemongrass and lemongrass stick. Add some salt and fry to well done, add black soy sauce 1tbsp. Continue to fry until the oil separates. Love it!

Lemongrass Chicken

Steamed Pumpkin Cake

Home made – Steamed Chinese Pumpkin Cake. Ingredients are mashed pumpkin 300g, rice flour 200g, water 30ml, Salt 1/2 teaspoon, Sugar 1/2 tablespoon, seasoning to taste.

Fried Pumpkin Cake – Cut the pumpkin cake into small cube, heat oil,  fry chopped onion, egg, soy sauce and black soy sauce.  It’s delicious!



Thai Durian

Location – China Town, Bangkok. We called it golden pillow ( in Chinese ). Taste not so strong as Malaysia’s durian, just a little bit sweet. But the golden colour is attractive!




Healthy Soya Sauce

Homemade – Healthy soya sauce  in natural taste. Ingredients are organic molasses sugar liquid 20g, rock salt or bamboo salt 20g, water 500ml. Cane Sugar 1tablespoon to taste it ( Optional). Keep in refrigerator.


molasses soya sauce 1234

Rice Paper Spring Rolls

Homemade – Savory fried shredded turnip, a traditional Nyonya-style cooking method. It’s famous in Penang and Melaka, I wrapped it with rice paper rolls, something different with Vietnamese spring roll, make it special!


Rice Skin Spring RollIMG_9696Rice Skin Spring RollIMG_9674Rice Skin Spring RollIMG_9685Rice Skin Spring RollIMG_9682

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