Thai Durian

Location – China Town, Bangkok. We called it golden pillow ( in Chinese ). Taste not so strong as Malaysia’s durian, just a little bit sweet. But the golden colour is attractive!      

Healthy Soya Sauce

Homemade – Healthy soya sauce  in natural taste. Ingredients are organic molasses sugar liquid 20g, rock salt or bamboo salt 20g, water 500ml. Cane Sugar 1tablespoon to taste it ( Optional). Keep in refrigerator.  

Rice Paper Spring Rolls

Homecooked – Savory fried shredded turnip, a traditional Nyonya-style cooking method. It’s famous in Penang and Melaka, I wrapped it with rice paper rolls, something different with Vietnamese spring roll, make it special!  

Durian Cake

Homemade – An unique fruit cake ” King of fruits” – Durian Cake . Add in fresh durian to my cake’s ingredients. Attractive taste!

Grilled Chicken Chop with Butter Sauce

Home cooked – Chicken Chop with my signature butter sauce. Ingredients are butter 40g, fresh milk 400 ml,  cut curry leaves 6pcs, plain flour 2tbsps,  cooking oil 4tbsps, rock salt 1/2 tsp, sugar 1tsp. Fry the flour with cooking oil, set aside. Fry the curry leaves with butter, add in fresh milk and seasonings, mix…

Sambal Fried Wild Vegetable

Home Cooked – Du Boh Cai ( Hokkien ) “Portulaca oleracea” is a wild and cultivated vegetable in Malaysia. We can only get it in local wet market. Fry with Sambal ( Spicy Chilli Paste) is most delicious. Du Boh Cai is full of Nyonya taste, usually not easily found this dish in normal restaurants but Nyonya cuisine…

Pan Fried Enryngii Mushroom

Home cooked – It’s simply cooking for mushroom lover. Just fry the sliced Enryngii mushroom 2-3pcs with butter and some sea salt. Topping are some Fried Capsicum 40g, Fried Onion 20g and Cheeses 1tablespoon.