Pumpkin Onion Soup

Home Cooked – Pumpkin Onion Soup. Put in Mashed Pumpkin, Onion, A little bit of  Coriander and Water into blender and blend. Put in the cooking pot and boil. Add in Soy Milk and Salt. Rich in Nutrient.

Yummy Egg

Home Cooked – Choose an Omega Egg. Pan fry the Beaten Egg. Add in some Soy Cheese, wrap and cut. Just so so so……simple!

Lor Mai Kai

Home Cooked – Glutinous Chicken Rice (Lor Mai Kai). It is one of the traditional Chinese Dim Sums. Soak the glutinous rice for 5 hours and fry with seasonings, add in fillings and steam (Mushoom, Chicken, Chinese Preserved Pork).  If you like glutinous rice, sure you like it.

Lovely Spaghetti

Home Cooked – Spaghetti with Home Made Tomato Sauce. Some Grilled Salmon, Mushroom and Brinjal. Spaghetti mix with some Olive Oil.

Nasi Kerabu Goreng

Home cooked – Kerabu Fried Rice, Penang Nyonya Style.  Ingredients are Prawn, Squid, Cabbage, Red Onion, Garlic, Kaffir Lime Leaves and Ginger Torch Flower. Fry the rice with red onion, garlic and some oil, add in seasonings to taste and mix well with other ingredients.

Coriander Pumpkin Tempura

Home Cooked – Coriander and Pumpkin, deep fried with Tempura Batter (Mixed all with Plain Flour, Garbanzo Flour, Rice Flour, Salt and Water.)

Taiwanese Fried Dumplings

Home Cooked – Taiwanese Style Dumplings. Filling are Chopped Shrimp, Finely Cut Sping Onion, Salt, Pepper and Corn Flour. Mix well the ingredients and wrap with dumpling skin. Pan fry with oil.

Steamed Brinjal

Home Cooked – Steam the brinjal with Special Sauce (Fermented Soy Bean, Soy Sauce, Molasses, Oil and Spring Onion.) Fry the sauce ingredients and put onto brinjal, steam for 15minutes.

Stewed Dou Bao

Home Cooked – Stewed Beancurd Skin. Pan fry the beancurd skin, add in chopped ginger, spring onion and vegetarian thick soy sauce(Vegetarian Oyster Sauce) and stir well.

Mamak Mee

Home Cooked – Mamak Fried Noodle. Mamak food is very common in Malaysia. Cook the noodle in boiling water, dish up. Fry the noodle with onion, garlic, soy sauce, Lea & Perrins sauce, prawn, fried tofu, bean sprout and vegetables.

Sambal Petai Prawn

Home Cooked – Sambal Petai Prawn, Nyonya style. Sambal ( Spicy )  ingredients are Chilli, Onion, Salt, Sugar & Oil. Petai (Stinky Bean)

Black Fungus Soy Meat

Home Cooked – Sweet and Sour Black Fungus Soy Meat.  Pan fried the soy meat. Stir-fry with spring onion and sauce (Lemon Juice, Molasses, Salt, Soy Sauce – sweet and sour)