Nasi Lemak

Home cooked – Nasi Lemak ( Coconut Milk Rice ). Every where in Malaysia. Delicious Sambal ( Special Chilli ) is a must.  

Orange Cake

Home made –  Orange Cake, nice and refreshing. Ingredients with Flour, Egg, Sugar and Orange and butter.

Vegetarian Steak and Baked Mushoom

Home Cooked – Vegetarian Steak with Black Pepper Sauce. Pan fried Tofu Steak, Baked Mushroom ( with Tomato, Potato, Soy Cheese). Garnishing with Alfalfa, Avocado and Tomato.

Button Mushroom Bean Sprout

Home Cooked –  A simple vegetarian creation. Heat oil, fry two slices of Ginger, add in Button Mushroom, Bean Sprout and a little bit of Vegetarian Oyster Sauce. Stir fry for a while and dish up.

Signature’s Rice

Home Cooked -My creative recipe for Cripy Food Lover. Mix the rice with crushed fried Anchovies, Garlic Oil. Serve with Fried Chicken Wing, Fried Mushroom, Fried Dumplings and Fresh Salad.