Fried Instant Noodle

Home cooked – Fried Instant Noodle. Cook the instant noodle and set aside. Heat oil, fry some finally chopped garlic, add in shredded carrot, cut choy sum, cut spring onion and stir-fry, add in some sea salt, oyster sauce, soy sauce and a little bit of water. Add in noodle and stir well. Put some…

Sea Salt Pond

Location – Sea Salt Ponds at outskirts of Bangkok.


Location – Orchid Event at Bangkok.


Location – Penang. Beautiful Clogs……. still in my memory. Have you ever seen it? Have you ever forget it?

Purple Sky Dessert

Homemade – My special creation Bo Bo Cha Cha (Purple Sky Dessert)…… with Purple and Orange Sweet Potato, Coconut Milk, Cane Sugar, Banana, Tapioca Starch Balls and Jelly. Sweet and Happy!

Kong Poh Chicken

Home cooked – Fried Kong Poh Chicken. Special Sauce – Stir-fry together with Dried Chili, Chopped Garlic, Cut Onion, Finely Cut Spring Onion, Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce and Sugar. Add in the Deep Fried Chicken and stir well.

Piggy Biscuits

Piggy Biscuits – Chinese Offerings, piggy biscuits instead of roasted piggy. It is unique!

Golden Glutinous Rice Balls

Home made – Glutinous Rice Balls. Add water onto glutinous rice flour and stir well. Make it into a few small  dough. Make a hole in each dough, wrap it with crushed peanut and unrefined sugar, then stick sesame seeds onto the dough. Fry the dough until golden brown. 

Vegetarian Steak

Home cooked – Vegetarian Steak with Black Pepper Sauce, Mashed Potato with Brown Sauce, Steamed Broccoli and Sweet Corn, Cut Tomato. Specially for Steak Lover in  Meatless Day.