Braised Mushroom with Sesame Oil

Home cooked – Braised Dried Mushroom  (Soaked) , Oyster Mushroom and Enoki Mushroom. Fry the shredded ginger with sesame oil until fragrant, add in some Chinese wolf berries, dried mushroom, sea salt, water and braise for 10mins, then add in oyster mushroom, enoki mushroom and braise for another 3mins.  

Maeklong Railway Market

Maeklong Railway Market, located in Samut Songkhram, Thailand, around 37 miles west of Bangkok, looks like any other open-air market in Asia. There are tropical fruits and vegetables such as lychee, durian, and mango in big brightly colored piles, variety of dried spices, pastes and herbs, freshly caught seafood and other local foods. The crowd…

Dragon Fruit Spaghetti

Home cooked – Pinky Dragon Fruit Spaghetti. Base ingredients are Mashed Dragon Fruit, Olive Oil, Italian Herbs and Sea Salt.

Traditional Cafe in Penang

Toh Soon Cafe at Penang downtown, Campbell Street. A famous breakfast for local, tourists and shutterbugs. Toh Soon Cafe prides on their charcoal-toasted bread with own-produced kaya (home made creamy egg jam with coconut milk) half-boiled eggs served in a transparent cup, and a cup of coffee or tea to complete the experience.      …