Vegetarian Lor Sung Tong

Home cooked – Lor Sung Tong (HK style vegetarian borscht soup). Ingredients are Tomato, Cabbage, Carrot, Onion, Celery and Mushroom Powder. Sea Salt to taste.

Lor Sung Tong a

Lor Sung Tong dLor Sung Tong bLor Sung Tong3


Oriental Udon

Home cooked – Vegetarian Fried Udon ( Udon Noodle). Heat Oil, fry with Chopped Garlic, Cut Spring Onion, Sliced Soy Chicken,Sliced Celery and Seasonings (Soya Sauce, Sea Salt and Sesame Oil). Light and Delicious!

Oriental Udong Mee

Stuffed Chilli

Home cooked – Stuffed Chilli with Preserved Black Bean Sauce. Fish Paste ( Minced Fish, Pepper, Salt, Five Spice Powder and Corn Flour.)

Stuffed Chilli

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