Pink Lotus

Location – FRIM Reserved Forest, Malaysia    

Seafood Mee Sua

Home cooked – Teochew Style Mee Sua. Ingredients are Chopped Onion, Chopped Garlic, Shredded Carrot and Mixed Seafood (Crab Meat, Prawn, Fish Cake). Heat Oil, fry all ingredients until fragrant, add in Water, Oyster Sauce, Sea salt and Pepper Powder. Add in Mee Sua and stir-well. Taste with Chinese Cooking Wine ( Shaoxing ). Sprinkle some Coriander, Spring…

Fried Thai Belacan Vermicelli

Home cooked –  Fried Vermicelli with Thai Belacan (Thai Shrimp Paste). Heat oil, fry the Garlic, Belacan and Sea Salt. Add in Basil Leaves and some Water, stir-fry. Add in Vermicelli and fry. Then add in Ginger Flower and stir-well. Dish up.

Vegan Dishes

Steamed Purple Yam, Double Gourd,Vegetarian Konjac Sea Cucumber,Pepper and Salt Tofu, Bitter Gourd Tofu, Konjac Sashimi Nest, Claypot Tofu, Crispy Soy Chicken,Vegetarian Scallop.

Penang Second Bridge

Location – Penang Second Bridge, Malaysia.  The longest bridge in Southeast Asia, total lenght is 24 km.


Location – Penang Hill