Stewed Tofu Prawn

Home cooked –  Stewed Tofu Prawn. Heat oil, fry some Chopped Garlic until fragrant, add in Baby Corn 20g, Chinese Leek 20g, Prawn 6, Japanese Tofu 50g, Fried Tofu 50g and stir-fry. Add in Oyster Sauce 1 tbsp, Sea Salt 1/2 tsp, Water 100ml and stew for a while. Add in Cooking Wine 1 tsp, some Coriander and stir well.

Claypot Prawn Tofu




Grilled Fish with Black Pepper Gravy

Home cooked – Grilled Fish Fillet with Home Made Black Pepper Sauce. Ingredients are Fish Fillet 1slice, Button Mushroom 2pcs, Broccoli 2pcs, Avocado 2clices .  Make the gravy with Cooking Oil 2tbsp, Black Pepper 1tsp, Flour 1tsp, Soya Sauce 1tsp, Sea Salt 1/4tsp, Brown Sugar 1tsp, Water 150ml, Brown Sauce 1tsp (Optional).

Black Pepper Sauce Grilled Fish


Curry Prawn

Home cooked – Curry Prawn with Kesum Leaves ( Laksa Leaves). Stir-fry the Chilli Sambal ( Blended with Dried Chilli, Lemongrass 2pcs, Red Onion 10pcs, Turmeric Powder 1/2tsp, Galanga 2slices). Add in some Kesum Leaves, Sea Salt 1/2tsp and Prawn. Add in Coconut Milk 150ml, Brown Sugar 1tbsp and cook for few minutes. Serve with Boiled Egg.

Curry Prawn

Crispy Platter

Home cooked – Crispy Platter. Batter for deep frying are Plain Flour 100g, Rice Flour 40g, Corn Flour 10g, Salt 1/2tsp, Baking Powder 1/2tsp, Water 200ml. Ingredients are Shrimps, Mushroom, Eggplant and Ladies Finger.

Crispy Platter

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