Sambal French Bean

Home cooked – French Bean with Coconut Milk Sambal Tumis ( Chilli Paste ). Sambal Tumis ingredients are Galangal 20g, Dried Chilli 10g, Buah Keras ( Candle nuts) 6pcs, Red Onion 100g, Tumeric 10g, Lemongrass 3pcs, Belacan 1tbsp. Heat Oil, fry Curry Leaves and Sambal , add in Sea Salt and Coconut Milk. Add onto…

Asam Fish Soup

Home cooked – Asam ( Tamarind ) Fish Soup, Sour and Spicy. Ingredients are Fish ( Small size) 8, Lemongrass 5pcs, Chilli 6pcs, Onion 2pcs, Asam Juice 100ml, Sea Salt 1tsp, Brown Sugar 1tbsp and Water 2-litre.  

Guan Yin Temple

Location – Melaka, Malaysia.