Healthy Soya Sauce

Homemade – Healthy soya sauce  in natural taste. Ingredients are organic molasses sugar liquid 20g, rock salt or bamboo salt 20g, water 500ml. Cane Sugar 1tablespoon to taste it ( Optional). Keep in refrigerator.  

Vegetarian Pan-fry Dumplings

Home made – Just vegetarian today! Fry the Chopped Cabbage 200g, Chopped Black Fungus 30g, Chopped Oyster Mushroom 50g with some Sesame Oil. Add in pinch of Rock Salt and Pepper Powder. Add in Finely Cut Spring Onion 50g and stir well. Wrap it into Dumpling Skin and pan fry. Sprinkle some water and cover…

Nasi Briyani

Home Cooked –  Indian Style Briyani Rice.  Basmati Rice 3cups, Onion Slices 2pcs, Cinnamon 2pcs, Cardamom 10pcs,  Star Anise 3pcs, Clove 5pcs, Rasin 2tsps, Turmeric Powder 1tbp, Butter 40g, Cooking Oil 4tbps and Water 4cups.  

Sambal French Bean

Home cooked – French Bean with Coconut Milk Sambal Tumis ( Chilli Paste ). Sambal Tumis ingredients are Galangal 20g, Dried Chilli 10g, Buah Keras ( Candle nuts) 6pcs, Red Onion 100g, Tumeric 10g, Lemongrass 3pcs, Belacan 1tbsp. Heat Oil, fry Curry Leaves and Sambal , add in Sea Salt and Coconut Milk. Add onto…

Wheatgrass Jelly

Home made – Double layers Jelly.  Jelly Strips 20g (Agar-agar or Kanten) dissolve in water. Jelly strips, Pandan Leaves ( Pandanus) 3leaves, cook with  boiling water 1100ml. Add in Sugar 50g and stir-well. Mix the jelly liquid 400ml with coconut milk 100ml, pour into a container, set aside for 10mins. ( Top layer) Mix the…

Chinese Chives Lotus Root Pancake

Home made – Chinese Style Pancake, Chives and Lotus Root combination! Mix well the Chinese Chives 30g (finely cut), Lotus Root 80g (blended with  water), Sesame 1tsp, Egg1, Plain Flour 100g, Baking Powder 1/2tsp and Sea Salt to Taste. Pan fry.

Red Yeast Mushroom

Home cooked – Fried Red Yeast Mushroom. Mixed the Batter with Plain Flour 70g, Rice Flour 30g , Red Yeast Powder 1tsp, Sea Salt 1/2tsp and Water 100ml. Dip mushroom into batter and deep fry. Delicious snack!  

Golden Tofu

Home cooked – Pan-fried Golden Tofu. Ingredients are Soft Tofu 1pc, Turmeric Powder 1/2tsp, Chopped Lemongrass 1pc, Sea Salt 1/4tsp and Cooking Oil 2tbsps.  

Button White Mushroom with Wine

Home Cooked – Pan-fried Button White Mushroom, Good Taste! Heat the pan, pour some Cooking Wine, add in Button Mushroom, cook for 5mins, set aside. Fry the Onion and Garlic with Butter, add in Button Mushroom, Black Pepper and Dried Parsley, stir well.

Mango Sushi Roll

Home made – Healthy Mango Sushi Roll! Ingredients are Seaweed, Spring Roll Wrapper, Sweet Mango, Alfalfa, Yam Bean and Soy floss. Salad dressing (Optional).

Turmeric Potato Rice

Home cooked –  A combination of Rice, Spice and Potato. Rice mix with  Anise (Biji Jintan Manis), Turmeric Powder, Sea Salt, Flax Seed Oil. Top with sliced potato and steam.